New Year, New Beginnings

The holiday season is over. We sent the last of our holiday house guests on their way this morning. It was wonderful to see extended family the past two weeks and we will miss them, but now it is time to begin the new year. There are many little nesting activities I can do this time of year to mark the change of season and our new beginnings. I have already done these activities:

We took down the Christmas tree and the outdoor lights. As I packed the ornaments back into their drawers, I checked them for damage and assessed the ones we didn’t hang on the tree this year. Do I still like them? Do I view them as too dated ? Is it time to pass on any I don’t really enjoy? About five or six didn’t make the cut and went to visit the garage sale boxes. (Below are keepers, not rejects.)

The Christmas stockings are back in the cedar chest (some of ours are wool, and cedar protects from moth damage).

I purchased gift wrap and tags for next year on clearance. Total spent: $6.

We made a new calendar and added important family dates to it. It awaits a visit to the print shop for binding.

We “closed the books” on the ’07 budget. We came in under budget, just barely, but that includes what we added to our savings account, so we feel satisfied with our budgeting in 2007.

I hope to do these things this week:
The front door wreath and front porch poinsettias will be packed up today to make way for a different winter decoration.
The nutcracker collection and angel collection will be packed away.
The Swedish decorations and the candle arrangements will stay out for now.
All the remaining sweets and other goodies need to go to the freezer for eating later. I believe we are over-saturated with sugar and too-little exercise. I’m sure we will enjoy them more later, even if they do have green and red sprinkles.
It’s time for a big pot of soup or stew and some homemade whole wheat bread. Enough rich food!


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