Thanksgiving Preps

We will be traveling for Thanksgiving tomorrow. After picking up family at the airport early in the morning, we head north 1 1/2 hours to daughter and son in law’s. They are unable to travel right now because baby is expected to arrive at any moment. Perhaps we won’t even make it through the turkey before we become grandparents!

Under the circumstances, I volunteered to prepare all the food and take it up. So we will travel with a raw turkey (in large cooler), potato casserole, sweet potatoes ready to become casseroled, assorted canned goods to be turned into various dishes, fresh cranberry relish, two pies, and low carb cheesecake. It was a busy day in my kitchen. Here is the final result:

In the middle of all the baking, I made ham ‘n pineapple pizza for lunch. We decided we like it best with a thin crust.


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